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Barra de grelha de ferro fundido

Descrição do produto

Barra de grelha de ferro fundido materiais:

1. alta aço cromo: Cr13 Cr15, Cr18, Cr20, Cr25, Cr27, Cr15Mo1, Cr18Mo1, Cr25Mo0.5Ni0.5...

2. qualquer outro material, como a exigência de cliente.

Descrição de barra de grelha de ferro fundido:

Surface Roughness


Casting Weight


Annual Production Capability

7000 tons per year


Chemical Composition Analysis,

Tensile Test, Dimension Inspection, Hardness Testing

Surface Treatment

Heat Treatment, Machine, Polishing, Chrome, Zinc, Nickel Plating


Cartons, Wooden Case, Steel Cases, Pallets


1.More than 10 years experience

2.30 days delivery after deposit

3.Special Analysis of raw material and liquid melt,match before casting

4.Control spectral and thermal analysis equipment

Nós podemos produzir barra de grelha accoring para seu desenho.

OEM casting

According to the customer`s drawing and requirements

Course of production

Model making→Molding/Core→Mold assembling→Melting→Pouring→Opening→Finishing→Heat treatment→Non-destructive→Inspection→Welding→Test



Casting process

ERP process, shell process

Our Material

Plain carbon steel, Low alloy steel, High manganese steel, High chromium cast iron

Surface treatment

Anti-rust oil, powder coating, epoxy spray coating, anodic oxidation treatment, plating or as per requirements


Wooden case, crate, parcel, bale, package, barrel, etc.

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