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Wear Resistant Pipes and Fittings

Descrição do produto

All Kinds of Wear Resistant Pipes and Fittings


1. Cement Industry: Cement powderchoosing transmission pipeline, feed hopper, chute, feed bin and so on.

2.Electricity Industry: Coal power plant coal transmission pipeline, fly ash exhaust system, chemical water circulation system, desulfurizing system and all the corrosive areas in the nuclear electrical power plant.

3.Coal Mine Industry: Coal powder, coal water slurry transmission, the air supply system, air exhaust system and drainage system of the mine.

4.Chemical Industry: High corrosive medium transmission, such as strong acid and strong alkali. Salt chemistry brine, salt slurry, raw salt transmission.

5.Petroleum Exploitation Industry: Raw oil transmission, natural gas collection transmission system, waste water recirculation system and so on.

6.Metal production Industry: Transmission of coke powder, mine powder, pulp, smelting waste and so on.

7.Mining Industry: Pulp transmission pipeline, the air supply system, air exhaust system and drainage system of the mine.

8.Dredging Project: The sediment transmission system of the dredging system in river, lake, port, wharf and so on.

9.Waste Water Treatment: All kinds of waste water and water transmission pipelines.

All Kinds of Wear Resistant Pipes and Fittings


1.highly abrasion and impact resistance

The diamondlike hardness as well as superior mechanical strength of the Alumina ceramic tiles which is affixed to the inner wall of pipe can endure the most Intense abrasive and corrosive materials.

2. excellent corrosion resistance

The inner wall of the pipe is Alumina ceramic tiles which have unique chemical properties: wonderful Acid and alkali resistance. Moreover, the advanced Process flow gives the products excellent sealability that protects the pipe wonderfully.

3. smooth inner wall

Ceramic material that is affixed to the inner of the pipe and gives a very smooth surface. Ceramics that have a very low friction factor at low impingement angles can ensure the material to pass freely without hitching or jamming.

4. Lower cost

The Pipe can extend the operating life of conveying system by more than ten times ,thus give you a very high cost performance.

5. low density

The density of The Pipe is merely one Third of general steel pipe, thus makes it an easy thing to install and transport.

All Kinds of Wear Resistant Pipes and Fittings

Technical Parameter


Technical Parameter


Ceramic Lining Pipe and Elbow


Long Radius or Short Radius

Bending Radius

R=1D, R=1.5D,R=2D etc.

Bending Angle

15, 30, 45, 90, 180deg or as per your needs.


Seamless 1/2"-24", Welded 26"-72"



Wall Thickness


Surface Treatment

Transparent oil, rust-proof black oil or hot galvanized.




Wooden case, pallet or as customers` requirement.


10000ton per year


Wear resistant pipe, abrasion resistant cast pipe,bimetal pipe.


Special designs are available.The larger quantity, the lower price.


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